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About Us

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The Restaurant

Situated on the bustling Glasgow Road and just a stone’s throw from Barshaw Park, Caffé Royale has become a thriving destination for excellent Italian cuisine in Paisley and beyond. 


Established in 2016 but overseen as a family run operation since 2019, the restaurant pulls off the impressive feat of being stylish and contemporary while retaining a transportive quaintness which will immerse everyone that enters in the joy of the dining experience. 

On top of its friendly and attentive staff are pivotal in creating the endearingly comfortable ambiance that's come to be one of its calling cards, what makes this eatery unique is the authenticity of its food. 

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Our Head Chef

After undertaking a professional pilgrimage in the 1980’s, head chef Colin Guthrie has immersed himself in the traditions and techniques of the mediterranean nation of Italy. 


An enthusiastic student of his craft who learned under the tutelage of Sicilian chefs in Corleone, this all important period of hands-on training was supplemented by spending time in the markets of Palermo and getting a rare glimpse into the homespun methods of the mamma’s and nonna’s whose tried and tested methods have fed generations of families.

Inspired by the teachings of the old country, there is nothing mass-produced about what we do. Everything is cooked to order and as such, patience can often be a virtue as we always strive to deliver the most rewarding and flavourful visit that we can. 

Our Food

Fusing the best local produce with select important items which imbue our food with the unmistakable quality of genuine Italian cooking, it goes without saying that no matter what time you pop in and what menu you choose to eat from, we prioritise freshness and always strive to outdo ourselves. 

An establishment that is never stationary, our ever-changing specials menu ensures that we’re in a constant state of evolution and there’s always something new to tempt you when you pay your next visit. 

Above all, our focus resides in delivering good food and good times. And if we can do that, then we can be content in the knowledge that we’ve done our job. 

Please click here for information on dietary requirements.

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